Jade Nephrite energy stone
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Jade Nephrite - Prosperity, Stability, Longevity
Chakras: Heart
Astrological Signs: Libra, Pisces, Taurus

Nephrite Jade is a stone of prosperity. It is known to encourage growth and to increase good fortune and wealth. It is said that meditating with Nephrite Jade will help to raise your “prosperity consciousness,” thereby helping you to become more aware of the many blessings that already surround you. This awareness should help make you more receptive to new opportunities for growth and wealth. Also known to attract and help sustain love. It encourages fidelity and helps clear the air between two lovers after a disagreement.Physically, Nephrite Jade is believed to increase your overall health and physical endurance and keeps the physical heart functioning properly and is known as an exceptional stone for strengthening and healing of the kidneys, and for promoting the elimination of toxins from the body. Also a good healing stone for bladder, digestion, and eye problems. And, it works wonders on issues with shoulder and back.

Your energy stones should be cleansed and recharged regularly for the best healing effects of the stone. The best way to cleanse and recharge the stones is to place them on Selenite plates/bowls or triangular selenite stick grid . For more information please visit Selenite section.

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A-grade/Tumbled, size-medium, Cleansed & Charged.
Two or more stones come with a pouch.