Desire Success Cosmic Power Bracelet
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Desire Success Cosmic Power Combination
Origin: Java 
Empowerment bracelet made from Rudra-Aksha cosmic beads in combination of 7mukhi, 9 mukhi and 13 mukhi and 15 mukhi.
Design - Made in Pure Silver with platinum rohdium Plating for long lasting Silver finish.Comes with Elastic string to wear as strech bracelt on wrist or upper arm. (If bracelet needed with Silver chain it costs $25 extra)

Chakra Powers of Mukhis-
Sacral Chakra -13 mukhi, Solar Plexus -7 mukhi , Heart- 15 mukhi , Crown Chakra- 9 mukhi.
This is a desire abundance combination that bestows you the power to realize your desires by invoking divine energies that work for your success. The Cosmic powers in these beads helps achieve desire success. 13 mukhi removes illusions and 15 mukhi releases you from the bondages of limiting beliefs. 7 mukhi invokes divine energy of Wealth and 9 mukhi invokes energy for bravery and fortitude.
It gives prosperity, happiness and contentment to the wearer
It gives opportunities in finance, love and luck.
For those who attract opportunities but don't materialize them
For those who taste failure just on the brink of success
Promotes healthy relationships with unconditional love
he Bracelet comes with Certificate of Authenticity, Benefit information and Instructions for use and maintenance.
Any question please email to or call 3013651111.

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